Why Run?

Every run I have ran there is one point where I ask, ‘Why am I doing this to myself?’ You will have to read on further to find out the answer. Running for me doesn’t come easy, the hardest part for me is lacing up my shoes and going out. As I mentioned in my first blog post, Running Again But Am I A Runner? I used to run regularly but even then I would I ask myself, ‘why’. ‘Why am I out in all weathers making myself suffer like this?’


Why Do Other People Run?

I have spoken to many friends, who all have there own reasons for running. You hear and see so many motivational stories about people who go out to deal with issues, such as their mental health and everyday struggles. One of the main reasons people start running is to lose weight and become healthier, I have heard rumors of strange people who run because they enjoy it. Some people run because they love the running community, be that online such as twitter, or local races and parkrun’s. Some people run purely to beat them self and achieve a personal best. I am sure there are other reasons so feel free to comment below and let me know your reasons.


Why I Run?

The reason I go running is for all of the above reasons. My original reason for running was to lose weight. I lost weight the next step was to become healthier. As I became slimmer and healthier I noticed that I enjoyed running. I loved the freedom of lacing up my shoes and going where ever the mood took me. The more I ran, the more running people I met, and the more I fell in love with the running community. I started to notice I had become a happier more carefree person, I would never say I was a depressed person but running definitely allowed me to unload when I had had a tough day. Running also put me back in my place from time to time. I found running a great leveler.

My final reason for running, then became wanting to beat myself. I know that like most people, I am my own worse enemy and critic. For this reason I want to improve and beat myself, when running there are two ways to gauge improvement and they are distance and time.


The Answer.

I guess the answer to my original question, ‘why do I run?’ I want to be the best I can be, running helps me achieve this goal!



  1. I have never been much of a runner. My sister swears by it though 🙂 I might have to give it a go!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Maybe you could do a beginners guide to running for people like me?! Rach x

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